Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sweete Harmonie Diamond Jubilee Celebration Gig

Some more videos of our latest gig for your eyes and ears to enjoy! A bit late, but better late than never at all.
Of course seeing as the year of the coronation was 1952, we decided that our 50s set would fit right in with the Jubilee celebrations. Three out of our seven members weren't able to attend but we carried on nevertheless, doing two sets at Wennington Church near Rainham, Essex which was holding an open day with videos of the Queen, live entertainment and tea and cake.
We did a few songs this time, and not all of them strictly from the 1950s but these are the one's my boyfriend's Mum managed to capture on video; Do Do Ron Ron - The Crystals, Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles and Going To The Chapel - The Dixie Cups.

What do you think?

We still need a huge amount of work, especially with the overall rounding of all the parts. Nikki (the lady with the guitar) has a very strong voice and I can sometimes be drowned out up on the top part, and there are some problems with tuning but I'm sure we can work it out once we've practised and performed some more!

Our next gig is at Chingford Festival on the 30th June, so if you happen to be anywhere near there on that date, come and have a listen! And this time Nikki is on holiday so my lovely boyfriend will be stepping in to accompany us on guitar! I shall be dressing him up in all the 50s gear as well don't you worry ;)

Much love x

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