Sunday, 26 February 2012

50th Birthday Party and a day trip to Liverpool...

I had been looking forward to this weekend for absolutely ages and now it's practically over I can breathe a sigh of contentment as it sure didn't disappoint! 

Yesterday was my boyfriend's Mum's cousin Alison's 50th birthday (phew, that is complicated isn't it!) and she celebrated in style with a big bash at a local rugby club near Manchester. I love any excuse to dress up so I took the opportunity to channel my inner 50s vixen as you can see from my outfit below, and the boy looked pretty dapper in his suit and bow tie too!

I spent about an hour trying to pin my hair in a vintage style and managed to get them looking kinda like victory rolls but I'm not sure how successful I was! 

The night included a performance by Alison's husband's band Newton and a brilliant performance by her 19 year old daughter Kate's band The Lottery Winners. I absolutely recommend checking TLW out - they won "Live and Unsigned" a few years ago and are on their way to stardom!

Today we spent the day in Liverpool, which I'd never been to before and it was absolutely WICKED. I'm a massive Beatles fan so I was so excited this morning I wanted to set off as early as possible! We visited the Beatles museum 'The Beatles Story' first. It was full of memorabilia and contained the full story of the beginnings of the Beatles, their rise to the top and their eventual break up, all narrated by John Lennon's sister by way of a little headset.

After that we made our way over to Mathew Street, the so-called 'Birthplace of The Beatles' to see the Cavern Club. The philistine that I am I didn't realise it was still an actual club so I was really happy that we could go in and have a drink! A half pint of John Smith's went down nicely! Here is a dashing photo of me and the boy grinning outside before we went in.

We even did the pose from the cover for 'Help!' as we found a good bit of wall to do it against - a nice German lady thought we were so hilarious she had a picture with us too! 

All in all, this weekend has been a blast! How was your weekend? And are you a Beatles fan too?

Much love! x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Look at me! I'm blogging!

So, after lots of time spent thinking and talking about it, I have finally gotten round to actually starting a blog!

I have quite a few reasons for taking up blogging. First off, it's a great place to organise my thoughts on anything and everything from leading news and world events to a new hairstyle! Leading on from that, its a great way of meeting other like-minded people, which is always something I'm open to. And finally, it seems fun!

I don't think there will be much organisation on my part of what I'll write about and how often I'll post, just whenever and whatever takes my fancy. So watch this space!