Sunday, 10 June 2012

A BBQ and some random bits

Hi all! So much for my nice free summer of doing whatever I want, I've just been working non-stop! I need to save up for a last minute holiday in September and all my uni stuff, but hoo ha. It'll be worth it in the end.

So on a rare day off this weekend I went along with the boyfriend to a BBQ hosted by a couple he used to work with at our local radio station Time FM. It happened to coincide with their 1 year wedding anniversary so it was a big party with everyone they know - the drinks were flowing!
Here is what I wore.
 Yellow hair flower: Primark
Pineapple print dress: Simply Be
Yellow belt: Primark
Gold peeptoe slingbacks: Tesco

Somewhat sneakily, the dress is actually my Mum's and is a size 24! She has lost loads of weight so had never worn it and I loved the print so I nicked it. It's supposed to be a kind of smock tunic style thing but I've cinched it in with the belt - the sleeves now have a kind of bat wing effect. I don't think you can tell very easily that its actually almost 5 sizes too big for me! 

The print up close:

I was stressing over what to wear for ages as the weather has been pants but in the end it was lovely and sunny so I needn't have worried! This outfit is also really bright but I fancied it after being stuck in my work uniform for days on end. Here is my face:

Foundation: MaxFactor Lasting Performance in shade 101 Ivory Beige
Eyeliner: Soap & Glory 'Supercat!' 
Eyeshadow: from the MUA Heaven and Earth palette
Mascara: Collection 'Supersize'
Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel in black
Blush: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 'Pink Frosting'
Lipstick: Rockalily 'Rockette Red'

Now for the random bits side! I was given this book by my boyfriend's Mum as she noticed that I like to collect recipes and want to get more into cooking. It's so cute! It's a book for you to make a note of your favourite recipes in order to keep them all in one place, and it has some already in there for you to get started with. 

I also purchased yet another red lipstick in a blog sale at Paperbacks + Postcards, I simply couldn't resist it. It's Revlon's 'True Red' and not very dissimilar to my classic Rockalily liptick in colour. The packaging is gorge and it's quite longlasting, although you definitely need to wear lip liner with it and it can slide and smudge quite easily.

 Not a terribly flattering photo with me wearing my Carolina Panthers NFL shirt and my hair scraped back with a bandana but you get the idea of how the lipstick looks in relation to my whole face! And Rosie and the Guinness toucan are in the background :)

 How cool are these sunglasses?! White with blue polka dots and a slight cats eye shape and all for £2 from Primark. I will probably live in these. (And go back for the brown leopard print ones...)

 Finally, I am a freak for slippers, I hate all kinds of slippers except for ones that are like ballet shoes. I couldn't find any in the shops or online that I liked so I literally just bought some actual ballet shoes! They are really comfy and great if you don't like fluffy things on your feet like me. Only five quid as well, from eBay.

That's all for now! I have some more videos of Sweete Harmonie's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations gig in Wennington that I should be putting up soon, and also stay tuned if you are a tattoo fan as there may be Tattoo #3 on my horizon very soon! I hope you're all well!

Much love x


  1. Oh my god, the dress is amazing! I'm having a real love of all things fruity at the moment haha xx

  2. the journal looks so adorable! i want it :D
    Hasina x