Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beautiful shoes thanks to Dolly Mixture Clothing...

I won something! And best of all I won a fabulous pair of high heels! I am one happy girl, that's for sure. These are the Iron Fist All Hope Abandoned Heels and I won them courtesy of  Dolly Mixture Clothing. Their website offers 1950s style clothing, handmade kitsch jewellery and footwear by Iron Fist and TUK. After reaching a certain amount of followers on Twitter, they decided to hold a giveaway for a free pair of Iron Fists to one follower picked at random, and it happened to be me :)

I got a choice of which ones I wanted and All Hope Abandoned were the definite winners seeing as they have a Mexican sugar skull type print on them which I love! I've not owned a pair of Iron Fists before but I think I've been converted! 

Dolly Mixture Clothing have been absolutely brilliant, their customer service is impeccable and they are so friendly and nice! Even when I was being a complete nuisance as it took ages to pick my package up from the postie. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.

I would have taken a better picture of me wearing the shoes but I've not been feeling too great over the past couple of days and I look awful! 

Do you own any Iron Fists? And if so which pair?

Much love! x


  1. lucky you! I can't think of anything better than winning shoes!!

  2. I am so glad you are loving your new Iron Fists, we have more to add to our range in the next week or so ...lots of love

  3. Hey! I have tagged you in the 11 questions tag, go to my blog to get your questions :) P.s I have these shoes too, i love iron fist!! xx

  4. Those shoes are awesome, lucky you! I'd love to own a pair too, I've seen them all over the internet :).

  5. these shoes are too cute

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