Tuesday, 6 March 2012

(Almost) Mid-Week Wants!

I am rather skint at the moment but that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about all the lovely things on my wishlist that will (hopefully) become a reality once payday arrives!

First up is this gorgeous Rhonda Dress in Dot Flock by Collectif. It's so classy, hugs in all the right places, has a polka dot print...and it's only £25! WANT. As it comes in lots of colours, I'll have a hard time picking just one.

Next up are some black platform plimsolls from H&M, priced at £12.99. They aren't the kind of shoes I would typically wear being quite chunky and more like trainers than my usual brogues (plus the boyfriend hates them!). Buuuuut, they look comfy and remind me of a similar pair I owned once upon a time when the Spice Girls ruled. So on the wishlist they go. I tried to link them but for some reason they aren't listed on the website at the moment, so here is a picture of some random ones that look pretty much the same to visualise them!

I'm sure many of you have heard of and possibly own a few Rockalily lipsticks, and as a self-confessed lipstick obsessive I cannot sing it's praises loud enough! I already own Rockette Red and have now set my sights on the new ZOMG! Limited Edition lipstick. It's such a lush shade of pink that I must own it - I've read a few great reviews of this shade already and they have convinced me. Unfortunately this one is currently out of stock but I'm praying it'll come back in. If you haven't heard of Rockalily then may I suggest you head over the the website and have a look for yourself!

A more practical item is next on the list, namely this pretty flask from Paperchase. I commute into London from Essex everyday for work and so on the train in the morning I'm dreaming of a piping hot cup of tea or coffee to wake me up. This will keep me awake and double up as hand candy at the same time!

And finally (drumroll please!) is the ultimate item on my wishlist, the one I've wanted for ever but am ALWAYS too skint to buy...is the famous Kit Cat Clock! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. You always see one in the background in American films and I just think they are hilarious. I'm a bit of a catlady as well so cat memorabilia is always welcome in my house! At £48 its very much out of my price range until the day comes when I can afford it and buy it for myself once and for all! Available now from Tatty Devine.

What do you think of my wishlist? And what's on yours?

Much love! x


  1. I have that Collectif dress myself ;) I have it in plum, and its so beautiful! Those shoes are from H&M really? They are very creeperesque, I really want the leopard print ones. They are called Brothel Creepers. They are beautiful!

    Also, I didn't know you were from Essex? Where do you live? I am also an Essex girl. x

    1. Ahhh jel!
      Yeah they are from H&M they have them in a royal blue purpley colour as well - wish they had leopard print now you've said that!
      And yes I'm in Romford/Dagenham how about you? x

  2. Those platform pumps look amazing, and I want that Kit cat clock too!! It looks so amazing. Great blog by the way, definite follow! x

  3. I daren't show my husband that the Kit cat clocks are available in the UK as that will be it, we'll have to buy one, he LOVES them!

    1. They are pretty awesome to be fair! I bet you'll end up with one of them on your wall some day :)