Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: some new make up (and a new playsuit!)

I thought I would share some things I have acquired recently. It isn't a whole lot as I am seriously skint (what's new!) but I've managed to purchase a new foundation, got a new eyeliner free, and found a lipstick in the bottom of my make up I didn't realise I had. My boyfriend's Mum also treated me to a new playsuit!

So, the foundation. I finished my MAC Studio Sculpt in NW15 a few weeks ago and I simply couldn't afford to replace it much to my chagrin. I'm terrible at choosing foundation so I was at a loss to choose when faced with all the different brands in Boots but having recently read a review by a fellow blogger Courtney (I love her blog, her reviews are ace and I envy her wardrobe) I decided I'd give MaxFactor Lasting Performance (£9.99) a try, getting it in shade 102 Pastelle. It's quite a nice texture in that it's not too oily and it doesn't feel like its caked on even when I build the layers up to full coverage. Big plus! However, I do tend to touch my face a lot and it tends to rub off and look patchy around my chin and mouth. This is probably more my fault than the foundation but it isn't any more long-lasting in this respect than any other foundation I've used. I do think I'll buy it again once I've run out though!

My boyfriend's Mum gave me a No.7 Smoky Eyeliner (£9.75) she got free with another purchase and despite not yet finishing the Soap & Glory Supercat! pen eyeliner I'm currently using I thought I'd give it a try. I'm a lover of cat flicks so I thought I wouldn't be able to make a 'smoky' eyeliner work for me but I actually quite like the result. Rather than my usual strong, defined black line its a more smouldery effect that is different without feeling like I've majorly changed my usual look. 

My face! I'm wearing the foundation, eyeliner and lipstick
As I said, I found a lipstick in the bottom of my make up bag that I'd completely forgotten about, I don't even remember how or where I came by it. It's Estée Lauder Pure Colour in 118 Bois de Rose (£18.50) and its a lovely shade of dusky pink with a glossy shine. I always wear bright lipstick, usually red, and usually matte so this is a bit of a deviation from the norm on my part but again despite being different to my usual look I actually really like it. It's such a wearable shade and goes with everything so it's perfect for work when bright red would seem a tad too loud. It's very good quality as well, staying put for ages even after a few drinks.

I'm quite chuffed I managed to get a more expensive eyeliner than I'd usually buy for free and to find what I'd consider a really expensive lipstick that I'm quite sure I myself didn't buy just floating around in my bedroom somewhere!

Finally, here is my new playsuit from Primark. It was only a fiver so you really can't go wrong with that!

Here is the print up close

P.S. Please excuse my hair in all these photos it is badly in need of a hairdresser's attention!

Much love! x


  1. Great review, especially the foundation! love that playsuit it looks lovely on you.

  2. that playsuit is rather good. And there's nothing wrong with your hair xxxx

  3. You are so beautiful! Love that lip color; glad you found it! :D XO

  4. Greate blog and you looks greate!!:) invite to ,me:) and i follow you:)

  5. Max Factor do the best foundations! I have a really good loose powder of theirs too. I'd love to try their original pan stick or pan cake make-up, but the colours all look too dark for me. :(



  6. I have had that Lasting Finish before and always found it to be quite good. I love the finished result pic - so flawless x

  7. Your make-up style is really similar to mine; I like a bright)ish) lip, eyeliner and to keep the rest quite simple. Rx